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History of GPS Security

GPS Security Services was founded in 1987, a time when the security services sector was just taking its first steps in Greece. However, from the beginning, we designed a business model for management and development, anticipating the Technological Revolution that was on the horizon.

Since then, many things have changed at GPS, and we made sure to monitor global developments and continuously expand the scope of our services. Our central philosophy: always be able to ensure the high level that a company providing absolute Security should have.

*GPS is a founding member of the Association of Greek Security Companies (S.E.E.A.).

Certifications of our company

GPS Security is a certified partner/installer of Paradox Hellas (License No. 60556957) and an authorized partner of the signal receiving center Atlas Security Central Station. All our personnel fully comply with the laws (Law No. 2518/1997) and (Law No. 3707/2008), where companies, installers, and even the personnel they employ are required to have the relevant license. Furthermore, we have obtained additional certifications and specializations in our field as we aim to stay at the forefront of evolving standards in the security industry.



GPS is the partner who is always by your side.

At GPS, we wholeheartedly believe in technology, but we acknowledge that there are no limits to progress. Therefore, with continuous upgrades to our entire technical equipment, we are constantly at the cutting edge. However, in addition to technology, we also believe in the “human” parameter. We believe in trust and support our staff who implement every new achievement, possessing absolute knowledge for it.

An exceptional team of responsible and specialized human resources and a series of international collaborations enable GPS to continuously provide only modern solutions in the broader field of security. Whether it’s individual services for homes or businesses, or comprehensive analysis and complex applications with certified security specifications for any space, we can handle it!

Together, we can!

Join us for a discussion about your security needs, and allow us to suggest the most effective and cost-efficient solution. Our proposal will be crafted after an analysis tailored exclusively to the unique features of your project.

With a sense of responsibility and expertise, we work exclusively for your protection.

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