Do you undertake all forms of surveillance and security service provision?

We undertake every form of security service you may need for your home or business. Our extensive experience and numerous satisfied clients make us capable of addressing any issues that may arise concerning the security of your loved ones, your employees, or your property.

Do you provide services throughout Greece?

GPS Security offers security services across Greece. Whether you’re in a big central city or any other part of the country, you can request a quote. Our extensive network and capabilities enable us to handle projects nationwide, with approximately half of our clients located outside of Athens where our Headquarters are located.

What is the level of security that a security system can provide me?

It is a very reasonable question that we receive from our prospective clients. It is logical because every purchase of such a system should ensure the maximum security of the owner’s property and life, regardless of the type of threat they may face. However, what you may not hear often is that each system has grades that determine the security level.

To put it simply, if a residence has, for example, ten entry/intrusion “gates” and traps are only placed in five of them, then the system alone cannot guarantee more than a minimum security percentage. This means that every additional available measure added significantly increases the percentage that will lead to the secured deterrence of potential risks.

Are the products you install certified?

At GPS Security, we exclusively embrace cutting-edge technology, leading us to meticulously select suppliers with products beyond any doubt. The foremost among them is Paradox Hellas, the exclusive representative of Paradox Security Systems Ltd (Canada), the French company CDVI SA (Access Control systems), LSVT, and Avideo (manufacturers of closed-circuit television cameras), as well as the Japanese Atsumi Electric Co. Ltd. (active infrared beams).

Simultaneously, GPS Security itself is a certified partner/installer of Paradox Hellas (No. 60556957) and remains an authorized partner of the signal receiving center Atlas Security central station.

Does a company need a license to install a system?

Certainly. It is entirely reasonable, especially considering the level of security a company must provide to the end consumer, particularly in high-tech systems. It is, therefore, a legal requirement (Law 2518/1997 – PDF) and (Law 3707/2008 – PDF) for companies, installers, and even their employees to have the relevant license. As a customer, ensuring your company holds a license is the only way you can be sure for your choice and, above all, ensure your safety.

After the installation of the system, is support necessary or advisable?

At GPS Security, our partnership with each client extends beyond the point of sale; it endures continuously. This longevity is not merely about the system’s reliability but also about adapting to evolving technology, prompting periodic upgrades to keep the system at the forefront of security. Thus, consider our collaboration as an enduring commitment to security, support, and a friendly presence, as we will always be by your side.

Many companies operate in the market. What criteria can I use to choose?

Three crucial factors require careful consideration to avoid irreversible mistakes. The first factor involves the installation of branded products from reputable international manufacturers, accompanied by certification. The second factor is the overall experience of the company, considering its tenure in the market and the total number of projects executed over the years. Lastly, assess the written commitment to post-sales support.

Can I directly purchase equipment from your company?

We can supply you with any certified products you need for your tasks. Feel free to request specific items, as we have access to the entire catalogs of Dahua, Paradox, HIKVision, and all leading manufacturers. Take a look at our equipment here and discover the latest technology products we use.

Are you specialized in your work?

All our technicians are thoroughly trained and meet the highest standards. Our staff has extensive experience in installing security systems and safeguarding spaces and individuals, being highly specialized for demanding conditions. All our employees regularly attend training seminars and are continuously educated in new technologies and techniques.

Can I work for GPS Security?

We hrie! Are you an experienced technician or guard? We are looking for new collaborators. We would be pleased to review your resume and potentially work with you if you meet the necessary requirements to join our company. Essential qualifications include experience, technical knowledge, and above all, courtesy.

Do you have any further inquiries regarding our services?

Call us directly or visit our sales office. We would be delighted to meet you and take charge of securing your loved ones and your property.